Clear Communication is One Key to Success with Time Boundaries

Setting and communicating time boundaries doesn’t necessarily come easily or naturally to any of us. It’s an assertive skill, and as with so many things, practice makes perfect. In addition, whenever you’re practicing a new skill, small, doable steps are always helpful. So, creating and communicating your boundaries effectively does two very important things: It protects…

Pushcrew – A Timely Tool for Connecting and Communicating!

Pushcrew is a tool that I learned about recently in the excellent newsletter that my colleague and mentor Sandra Martini publishes. When Sandy recommends something, I listen, and pushcrew is an excellent case in point. We’ve started testing it 

Boundaries Between Work and Home-Balancing Your Time

Boundaries are key to finding time for what matters most to you.  However, many people struggle with this skill. In this series of posts I’m going to help you learn how to establish boundaries that work for you by exploring the advantages and the challenges in implementing this time tool.

Reducing Stress in Your Home to Find More Time!

Reducing stress in your home is one surefire way to find more energy and time in your life.   That’s because stress is a huge drain on your mind, body and spirit.  It depletes your energy and has a profound effect on how you relate to your time.  And so it makes sense that reducing…

Videos and Podcasts and Blossoming Ideas at Finding Time!

Videos and podcasts are excellent vehicles for conveying information. At once entertaining and educational, both videos and podcasts offer lots of possibilities for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Whether you’re interested in sharing a story, a product, an 

Stress and You: Manage It, Free Yourself, and Find Time!

Stress is part of everyone’s life and work. Whether you are a solo-entrepreneur, run your own business, or work for someone else, managing your work stress can be a challenge. And the better you manage that stress, the more productive you’ll be – and the happier and 

Holiday Stress: Let it Go with These 7 Timely Tips

Holiday stress can not only affect how you experience your moments in the coming weeks – it can also profoundly affect your health, your relationships – many of the most fundamental aspects of your life. That’s why it’s so vital to manage holiday