Time Conflicts Tying You in Knots? Try These Tips.

Time conflicts can upend the best laid plans. That’s because time is precious and finding it is often challenging under any circumstance. And it becomes especially difficult when you’re working with someone who relates to time differently than you. This is where you may see time conflicts arise. What do I mean by that? Well,…

Flexible Focus from the Finding Time E-zine

Flexible focus is a very helpful concept, and one that builds on yesterday’s article about finding the balance between creativity and discipline, and moving efficiently from one project to another. So, to continue and take a look at flexible focus, I thought I’d share an article from the 

Values Conflicts and Time Traps: Shine a Light and Find Time!

Values conflicts are like quicksand sometimes.  They throw your best-laid plans out of whack and keep you spinning your tires.  Yet they aren’t always obvious or easy to spot. Sometimes you need to backtrack, starting with a behavior and following its trail back to its root.

Time-Saving Tips: Telltale Traits of Perfectionists

Time-saving tips help you jump-start your productivity and unclog your creativity when perfectionism has you stuck. In our last post, we discussed how perfectionism is one of the sneakier time poisons. Did that resonate for you? Maybe you are wondering, today, whether your desire for excellence is healthy or something that steals 

Find Time for Gifts, Gratitude, and One Timely Tip for Busy Times

What a busy time of year we are entering!  Yesterday I shared about all the exciting gifts you can give yourself by participating in Melissa McCreery’s “Too Much on Her Plate Week!”  And today I have another event to share with you. I am so excited to be participating in the Day of Gratitude Blog…

Find Time with 5 Flexible Team-Building Tips

What does team-building have to do with your time? Well, finding time when you work with others always works best when you start with good team strategy. This can be a challenge, and it’s especially difficult if you are working with someone who relates to time quite differently than you. What do you do when…