Boundaries Between Work and Home-Putting Them into Practice

Boundaries help you use your time more effectively.  They are often challenging to set, however, and maintaining them is also a stretch for many! In our previous post we examined some of the advantages of setting strong boundaries between work and home.  Today I want to explore the flip side of the coin.

Halloween Hurricane: 3 Timely Tips

Halloween came on the heels of a big, wet snowstorm here in the Northeast US last year.  And this year, Halloween is arriving along with the winds and rains of Hurricane Sandy. Are you in Sandy’s path?  Do you feel ready for what this Halloween may deliver to your doorstep? 

Find Time to Prepare for the “Expected” Unexpected: 3 Tips

Finding time to deal with sudden change and the unexpected is a time management challenge that we all face from time to time. But what about the “expected unexpected”?  For example, here in New Hampshire, a wintry mix of snow, sleet and rain is predicted just about every day this week.  Some days are expected…

Find Time to Start the Day Well!

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” Henry David Thoreau If you think of the start of your day as the foundation for everything that follows, you can see that finding time to give yourself the gift of a good beginning is well worth the effort that it takes.  And, as with…