Living Your Core Values — How to Get and STAY Clear as You Evolve

Living your core values is a powerful path to congruence and authenticity. And that’s not always an easy task in today’s busy world. Indeed, finding time to live your life as fully as possible starts with finding time to clarify and live out your values as fully as you can. As Deepak Chopra has written:…

Your Core Values are Your Solid Foundation for Everything Else

Your core values provide the foundation for all of your activities. Whether they are conscious or not, core values are the soil that your time choices spring from. So, do you want to understand yourself and have a clear picture of where you’re headed, and why? If your answer is yes, then getting clear about…

Celebrate – No Matter How Many Candles Are Involved!

Finding time to celebrate the passing years as you age is a skill that stands you in good stead for life’s transitions. I think about that, as I enter my birth month and get ready to celebrate another birthday. It’s a journey, and  finding time to achieve true contentment 

Reducing Stress in Your Home to Find More Time!

Reducing stress in your home is one surefire way to find more energy and time in your life.   That’s because stress is a huge drain on your mind, body and spirit.  It depletes your energy and has a profound effect on how you relate to your time.  And so it makes sense that reducing…

Your Power Sanctuary for the Holidays – Timely Tips

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of self care – and how creating your own personal power sanctuary gives you the space you need – when you need it – to recharge your batteries and greet your moments with your fullest self. So, today I’d like to share just a few timely 

Daily Choices: The Weave of Your Time, Your Moments, Your Life

Your daily choices are the building blocks of your moments. And your moments are the strands that make up the weave of your life. Each one, in and of itself, may seem so small as to feel insignificant.  But daily choices build, one upon another, and both reflect and create who 

Values Conflicts and Time Traps: Shine a Light and Find Time!

Values conflicts are like quicksand sometimes.  They throw your best-laid plans out of whack and keep you spinning your tires.  Yet they aren’t always obvious or easy to spot. Sometimes you need to backtrack, starting with a behavior and following its trail back to its root.