Boundaries Between Work and Home-Putting Them into Practice

Boundaries help you use your time more effectively.  They are often challenging to set, however, and maintaining them is also a stretch for many! In our previous post we examined some of the advantages of setting strong boundaries between work and home.  Today I want to explore the flip side of the coin.

Anger Snagged You? How to Transform Its Energy and Find More Time!

Anger is a very challenging feeling for many of us – one that eats up more time than we may like to admit. Our most recent Finding Time E-zine focused on anger with an article titled “How to Create Positive Energy Out of Dirty Anger” – and the article 

Find Time When You Need It Most Using Timely Flexible Focus

Finding time to develop flexible focus helps you select the right tools for each situation you face. If you’ve wondered exactly where flexible focus can help you, here are some classic scenarios where this tool can give you a timely boost: Training new employees. Starting a new job. Collaborating closely with a colleague who has…

Find Time to Capture Your Inspiration: 3 Tips and a Free Teleclass

Finding time to catch hold of your inspired ideas is a key to your creativity, your productivity, and to living your most enriched and enriching life! So what happens to your best ideas now?  Can you call them back at the end of a busy day? Do they get lost? You see, we are all…

Finding Time for a Walk Around the Lake

Finding time to reflect is something that we’ve written about in The Time Finder from time to time.  We’ve looked at it in the context of self-care and of time choices, as well as time boundaries (making time for reflection points). Certainly these pauses are very grounding and energizing.  They are a way of re-connecting…