What You See and What You Don’t — Ripening Your Eyes

What we see, in a very fundamental way, defines what we learn and what we are able to do. And what we see isn’t static. It evolves and changes. I’ve had a couple of clients lately who’ve had cataract surgery. The procedure has verged on the miraculous by their report. Their cloudy lenses were replaced, in both cases, with…

Looking Back at Time Finder Favorites

Looking back is always the first thing to do in preparation for moving ahead. Why? Well, it honors the past, for one thing. And it always gives you information that informs your next steps. So looking back is actually about the future as much as it is about the past. It’s a forward-thinking activity that…

Curiosity – One Simple Tweak to Transform Your Time

Curiosity killed the cat. Remember that saying? Well, I’m stopping in today to take a closer look at that idea- and to encourage you to reconsider it. Curiosity is the opposite of self-criticism – that cloying feeling that traps you and puts a lid on your creativity. Curiosity frees you up — there is nothing 

Mistakes – The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of

Mistakes and how you manage them will, to quite a large extent, determine your path and the degree of success that you experience in this world. Too often, mistakes are viewed as roadblocks or detours on your journey toward accomplishing your goals. But think about the impact of this reaction … Can you see how…

Abundant Time – 3 Keys to Create it for Yourself Today!

Living in abundant time is a powerful antidote to overwhelm. And choosing to live in abundant time creates a relationship to time that changes everything. So, what do I mean by ‘abundant time‘? Well, it’s a perspective that is accessible to you all the time and is founded in expansiveness, curiosity, and engagement. It makes all…

Going Deeper – The Treasures Buried in Your Time Choices

Going deeper is not always our instinct in this fast-paced, sound byte addled, outcomes-oriented world of ours. Indeed, the pressures of everyday life often seem to encourage us to skim the surface as fast as we can. But I’d argue that going deeper is actually the surest pathway to the best outcomes  TweetSharePinShare

Curiosity Expands Your Possibilities AND Your Time!

Curiosity is NOT dangerous – any cat will tell you so! And curiosity is not a character trait that you’re born with — it’s a skill you develop and nourish. Last but not least, curiosity, as an approach to your time and your life, is a skill that enhances your sense of abundance and