What is Minimalism and How Can It Help You Find Time?

What is minimalism and why is it something you might want to think about exploring? Well, our 21st-century world is often hectic and harried. Getting more, spending more, having more, doing more, connecting more — it all eats up time, energy, attention, and money.  And when you come to the end of another day cluttered…

Step Back, Take Space, and Start Making Proactive Time Choices

When you step back you aren’t going backwards, necessarily. In fact, sometimes one step back is just exactly what you need to be able to step into your power and move forward. Here’s a key for making powerful time choices: Learn to make them proactively. So, what does stepping back have to do with being…

Schedule Reflection Time to Be More Productive

Your schedule is one of the tools that you use to optimize your productivity. And when you schedule time to reflect you are NOT being unproductive. In fact, you’re giving yourself a gift. Your productivity always boils down to your time choices, and you make better choices when you reflect on them!

Looking Back, Learning and Finding Time

Looking back as you get ready to move ahead is an excellent way to learn from mistakes, consolidate gains and find time. That’s because time spent looking back allows you to review what worked and what kinds of time choices were most useful to you. This enables you to carry your best choices 

Chip Kelly, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Finding Time

Chip Kelly and Philadelphia Eagles are probably not words you’d ever have expected to see at the start of a post on The Time Finder.  But bear with me – he’s got some interesting things to say about time! I’ve been learning about Chip Kelly from my VA, who is a serious fan of the…

Time-Saving File-Sharing App – Try Send Anywhere

Time-saving apps for both mobile and desktop devices are at a premium, with new ones appearing nearly every day. And sorting through them all can be a full-time job in and of itself. That’s why we like to use our Cyber Monday posts to share productivity-boosting, time-saving tools

Planning: One Big, Powerful Secret for Finding the Time You Need!

Planning, or more specifically, time planning, is the kind of topic that you’ve probably read about on lots of time management blogs. In fact, you may be tempted to stop reading because