Mistakes: Accepting and Learning from Them Deepens Your Time

Mistakes:  We try not to make them, but we do. And it’s not the fact of making mistakes that’s the problem – it’s trying to deny and turn away from them that really gets us into trouble. That’s the thesis of the fascinating article 

Daily Choices: The Weave of Your Time, Your Moments, Your Life

Your daily choices are the building blocks of your moments. And your moments are the strands that make up the weave of your life. Each one, in and of itself, may seem so small as to feel insignificant.  But daily choices build, one upon another, and both reflect and create who 

Time Resources

Time Resources   Heart-Based Retirement Planner Retirement marks a profound shift in how you spend your time. This Heart-Based Retirement Planner helps you exercise more positive control over your time choices. That, in turn, helps you find time for what matters most. Change is never linear. And the bigger the change, the more opportunity you have to…