Google Plus or Facebook – Ready to Give G+ More of Your Time?

Google Plus or Facebook?  This used to be a question that had a pretty clear answer:  Google was for searching and Facebook was for social networking. But that has been evolving over time, and with the growing interconnections between Google Apps and Google Plus, it seems increasingly clear 

Jing Creates Screen Prints in Seconds and Saves You Time!

Jing is a time-saving tool that I learned about on Denise Wakeman’s website – and wanted to share, as it’s so useful if using screen prints is a part of your everyday work. 

Lists, Lists, and More Lists: October Favorites for Finding Time

Lists can be very helpful tools, and they become even more important as the holidays approach and life gets busier and busier.  Even Santa is known to make a list from time to time … and check it twice. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. The thing is that lists are 

Lists for Fun and Visibility on the Web this Cyber Monday

Lists have been a big topic on The Time Finder lately.  From Facebook Interest Lists to Myths and Realities about To-do Lists, we haven’t been listless! 😉   And today I’ve got one more item related to lists that I’d like to share. This is a tool (it’s called that I read about (and…

Find Time to Spread the Word-Ready to Try Podcasting?

Finding time to spread the word about your product or service or passion is always a challenge.  Maybe you write articles or engage in social media.  Maybe you have a blog, comment on others’ blogs, and take part in forums and teleclasses.  Maybe you send out press releases. These are all powerful and important tools…

Find Time to Move Through Your Time Fears and Keep Blogging-3 Time Tips!

Finding time to keep that blog of ours going is, it turns out, probably the biggest fear that most of us have about blogging.  That’s what Denise Wakeman explored recently in her post titled “What’s Your Biggest Fear About Blogging?” Blogging is a key component in any successful on-line business but, as the poll she…

Finding Time to Make a Joyful Noise is a Cinch This Cyber Monday!

Finding Time to engage with folks, whether it’s on blogs in articles, or in the social network, is very important if you have a web-based business.  And, when you’re looking to connect, adding audio via tools like Audio Boo and Cinch Cast to your repertoire is a wonderful way to quickly and easily expand the…