Dealing With Difficult Personalities Takes Time and Energy

Dealing with difficult personalities in our lives is a challenge. It takes discipline and practice. And the path isn’t without its bumps. But, as you become more skilled at managing your time and relationship boundaries, you’ll find that all sorts of new possibilities open up for you. Here’s one example of something you might try:…

If “Difficult Personalities” Steal Your Time, These Ideas Will Free You

“Difficult Personalities can be an imprecise catch-all category. But in your everyday life, those personalities have a real, and often very challenging, impact. Here’s a fairly typical situation. Spring is here. You’re feeling energized and hopeful, and you want to make the very best use of your time. But you are distracted and annoyed by the…

Difficult Personalities Bonus Tip and Action Step

Difficult personalities — and finding time to deal with them successfully — was the focus of a post I recently shared. It was titled Difficult Personalities – Timely Tips to Ease Things Up! and it included 3 tips for reducing your reactivity, accessing your power, and using gratitude to shift your perspective. Today I have another tip and…

Difficult Personalities – Timely Tips to Ease Things Up!

Difficult personalities are an occasional fact of life. Accepting that baseline fact helps you immediately. That’s because you’ve shifted your expectation and are likely to feel less victimized when you encounter someone who’s challenging to deal with. And there are even more steps that you can take to help yourself. In yesterday’s post we discussed  TweetSharePinShare

Difficult Personalities, Your Time and You

Difficult personalities … do you cross paths with them in your daily travels? If you want to make the very best use of your time, you need to figure out how to handle the so-called difficult personalities that sometimes slow you down. How do they do that? TweetSharePinShare