Time Myths You Tell Yourself and 3 Clarity Tips to Free You!

Time myths trick you in so many ways. They make you miss deadlines and bite off more than you can chew. They amp up your stress and damage your relationships … AND they drain your energy and discourage you. These distortions may be time myths that you learned when you were little, or they may be…

Perfectionism Trap: Free Yourself with 2 More Timely Tips!

Perfectionism is a major time trap for many … but the good news is that none of us need to stay stuck in that trap!  Time management tips are really paths to freedom, and last week we shared one tip to help with your perfectionism. As you move away from perfectionism and toward 

2 Time-Tested Techniques Trounce Time Lies

Our killer time lies can loom pretty large in our own lives. But that’s only because they dovetail with our personal histories and blind spots. In fact, you may have noticed that it’s much easier to name someone else’s 

Scarcity to Abundance: Replace Killer Time Lies with Powerful Affirmations

Scarcity is so constricting, isn’t it? The good news is that scarcity (and especially time scarcity) is, in very large part, a mindset.  Yet finding time to tap into abundance and expand your horizons requires some focused effort. To make a strong start, one surefire step is to actively

Find Time to Defuse Your Guilt and Reclaim Your Power

Finding time is much more than a matter of schedules and to do lists.  Sometimes optimizing your time requires some inner housecleaning. That’s because you are at your most efficient and effective when you have full access to your energy.  To give yourself that access, though, you might need to poke around some areas that…

Find Time to Outsmart Your Time Gremlins and Break Your Time Traps!

Finding time and breaking out of time traps can require all of your ingenuity. This is especially true when your to-do list is overflowing, projects await your attention, and pressures mount. Sometimes stepping back briefly, taking a breath, and finding a fresh approach works wonders. Identify time traps… So, are you tripping yourself up as…