Distraction and Overwhelm — You Can Quiet the Clamor

Distraction and overwhelm are two of the biggest time challenges facing most of us today. And if distraction and overwhelm aren’t at the top of your list, I am betting that they are probably in your top 5 or 10. Information streams at us constantly along with expectations of quick responses and almost 24-7 productivity.…

Focus and Finding Time – What Children Teach Us

Focus is one of the keys to your productivity and time success. And finding time by finding focus is a fascination of mine. In part that’s because the rich experience of being present and focused isn’t easy to come by these days. We are constantly bombarded with information and other input. Distraction is more the…

Distraction and the Gentle Discipline of Mindfulness

Distraction is a hallmark of this era. We are bombarded with information from every direction, and we also expect to have immediate answers to the questions that pop into our minds. Consider the fact that Google is both a noun and a verb. What a clear indicator that is of how embedded the expectation of instant…

Gadgets – Turn Them Off and Spark Your Creativity

Gadgets. They’re everywhere in our lives today, and they serve very important functions. What do our gadgets — our tablets and smartphones and smartwatches and laptops — do for us? Well, for starters, they keep us connected, they bring us up-to-date information and they streamline lots of tasks. But they are also powerful 

Organize Tabs to See Where You Spend Your On-Line Time!

When you organize something you learn about it. This goes for lots of things. And one way to learn a whole lot is to organize yourself and your on-line activities. For many — and this may be especially true if your work is primarily  TweetSharePinShare

Distractions Tripping You Up? Tame Your Time Wasters Today!

Distractions can almost feel like they have a will of their own, can’t they? It seems like finding time and staying on track shouldn’t be so hard. But if you underestimate the power of distractions, you’re going to lose your focus frequently 

Time Reminder – Simple Tip to Increase Your Productivity

Can a simple time reminder enhance your productivity? The quick answer is yes and you can read the details in this tip I read about on The Next Web. It’s a small adjustment you make on a Mac (slightly more complicated on a Windows PC), and according