Post-Vacation Time-Saver — Or Don’t Let Your In-Box Scare You

The post-vacation blues — otherwise known as post-vacation overwhelm, might be a familiar feeling to you right about now. So, how do you manage? Well, for starters, don’t panic. Lots of folks re in the same boat. So patience, and a good helping of compassion, will go a long way toward helping you through this…

Boomerang Respondable – Some E-Mail Magic for You!

Boomerang is a handy e-mail app that we’ve written about in the past here. It’s a tool that works well with Gmail and with Outlook. Mostly we use it when we want to send a reply to an  e-mail at a later time or date. There are free and paid versions of this e-mail app, and we’ve…

Google Inbox, Gmail, and Your Time

Google Inbox and Gmail offer two different venues for accessing and managing your e-mail. So, how do you choose which one to use? If you’re already a Gmail user, why would you switch? We did some searching on-line and collected some information 

Gmail Makes Undo Send Official – and We All Win!

Gmail has been experimenting with Undo Send for quite awhile now. How many times have you hit the send button, only to notice a major typo as that e-mail takes off into cyber space? Or how often have you re-thought a response … too late … and needed to clarify, backpedal

New Year Tech Review to Create Space and Find Time!

The New Year is fast approaching!  One of the things you can do to make the New Year truly NEW is to consciously say good-bye to the old.  In my upcoming Finding Time E-zine (it’ll be published on 1/8/15 … and you can sign-up for it HERE) you’ll find ideas for navigating this time of transition 

Pictual and an E-mail Cyber Monday Time Tip!

Pictual is a nifty app that my VA just discovered for creating infographics to share in social media. If you’d like to find a way to quickly create a visual update to share with your friends and followers, then I suggest that you take a look at Pictual. 

Gmail Apps: mxHero Toolbox Helps You Manage Your Mail and Find Time

 mxHero is a Chrome application that looks like it might be a big help in managing your e-mails (and thereby freeing up time for other things you need to do). If you’re a Gmail user who also uses Chrome, this is a Chrome Extension that I encourage you