Exercise for Health in 2013: Keep Yourself Going with Affirmations!

Exercise is a fundamental key to a healthy lifestyle.  And yet, for busy people, exercise is often the thing that gets shelved to make way for other responsibilities and tasks. But here’s the thing:  exercise is one of the most energizing and stress-reducing activities you can engage in.  When you skip it, you are 

Find Time to Fuel Your Time Energy™ with Self-Motivation

Finding time requires something only you can provide – self-motivation!  As with your Time Energy™, there’s no scarcity when it comes to self-motivation. You have an endless supply, and the trick is to know how to tap it.

Finding Time to Stick with Change

The Time Finder is not a political blog, but it would seem odd to not note the fact that today marks a major change in the governance of the United States.  Whatever one thinks about the nature of the change, there is no denying that we are living in a time of transition. While the…