MultCloud Enhancements Help You Find Time

MultCloud is a free cloud management tool that streamlines your interactions with the cloud, letting you manage multiple cloud drives from one, convenient dashboard. We reviewed 

Evernote 5 for Mac: Find Time to Stay Informed and Organized

Evernote is an elegant tool that helps you stay informed and organized, wherever you are.  We’ve written about Evernote before on The Time Finder.  For keeping track of notes, clipping news, recipes, you-name-it from the web, and 

Find Time for These Cool Tools for Pinterest!

Finding time to extend your presence on the web today probably means finding time to explore Pinterest.  Now that Pinterest has addressed the copyright  concerns that had made many people understandably nervous, it appears that for many people, pinning has resumed! Pinterest continues to be one of the fastest-growing social networking sites – currently in…

Find Time to Streamline Online: Have You Checked Out New Seesmic Web Yet?

Finding time to stay up-to-date across your social networks is a time management challenge that many struggle with.  There are lots of mobile and desktop applications out there that offer to help streamline online efforts, and depending on your preferences, you may already have one that you use. I actually wouldn’t advise that you change…

Find Time to Explore Facebook Features: Looking at Lists

Finding time to keep up with changes and enhancements in Facebook features can be a full time (and occasionally frustrating) job.  Facebook is somewhat notorious for making changes to applications and functionalities that disrupt users and often lead to confusion and frustration.  That isn’t to say that they improvements aren’t worthwhile – but, based on…