Declutter Your Tabs for Faster Browsing and Finding Time

Browsing the web means opening tabs. And often, for those who work on the web or are engaged in social networking, you find yourself with lots and lots of tabs open. This creates clutter and unnecessary confusion. And that’s not all. It also slows your browser speed considerably, which significantly cuts into your efficiency while…

OneNote and Evernote – Is It Time to Make a Switch?

OneNote, a Microsoft product, is a free on-line tool that offers many of the capabilities that Evernote does. Indeed, while OneNote and Evernote are similar in many ways, Evernote’s price increase has prompted many to take a second look. And some feel that OneNote has more to offer now. For example, it includes a free-form canvas where…

Google Drive and Evernote Connect for Time-Saving Efficiency

Google Drive and Evernote are both time-savers in and of themselves. We use both tools quite a bit here at The Time Finder, so we were happy to read about a new Beta version of Evernote that links the two. The creation of a seamless connection that allows you to quickly find material in your Google Drive

Evernote for Windows Just Got Better

Evernote is a widely-used productivity tool. We use it quite a lot here at The Time Finder, as it offers the kind of flexibility and organizing heft that we love for finding time. So I was very interested to read on the Evernote Blog that they’re unveiling a new and improved version for Windows. How…

Free Tools for Your Online Life on Cyber Monday

Free tools are frequently offered online – but which ones are really useful? How do you sort through them all and find the ones that will work for you? Well, it can be a fun, fascinating and also very time-consuming task. So that’s why I am drawn to curated lists of free tools as a…

Google Keep – Take Quick Notes and Find Time

Google Keep is a list-making and note-taking application that we’ve written about in the past here on The Time Finder. I wanted to highlight it again here, because Google Keep has added some new features while continuing to maintain its place in the note-taking world. Where’s that place? Well, I’d say it’s smack dab between 

To-Do List Power! Todoist Integrates Tools for Finding Time

To-do lists are powerful time management tools. Unfortunately, many people avoid using to-do lists because when used unwisely they can easily become overwhelming, discouraging and guilt-provoking. There are lots of on-line apps for creating and maintaining to-do lists. Or, if you prefer, there’s always the paper and pencil option.