Aging, Gratitude and Humor: Just Ask Paula

Aging is a process that we all experience … if we are lucky. It’s vital to keep that grateful perspective in mind as we each go through our own, unique developmental evolution. Gratitude is a powerful antidote to the losses that come with this territory.  Another helpful 

Boomerang for Gmail: Stay in Touch (Even When You're Out-of-Touch)

Boomerang may be a word you associate with the Outback – but it’s a tool to consider adopting if you’re interested in optimizing your communication and on-line presence.  That’s because finding time to stay in touch (even when you’re out-of-touch) is a very easy way to enhance your visibility.  Not only that,

Find Time to Adjust to Aging – Just Ask Paula!

Finding time to get everything done is always a challenge.  And it’s a challenge that can be heightened as we adjust, each of us, to our own aging processes. How do you adjust to aging?  Is it an issue that you grapple with? Aging in Oklahoma Here’s a timely question that we recently received from…

Find Time to Step into Heart-Based Success!

So, what is heart-based success?  And how do you get there? Well, finding time to move from where you are to where you want to be is a good way to describe success. And I like this description because it emphasizes the step-by-step nature of the journey.  You see, it’s always incremental. And that’s where…