Awareness and Flexibility, Your Powerful Goal-Setting Twosome

What do I mean by using words like ‘awareness’ and ‘flexibility’ when I write about goal-setting? Well, finding time to set goals for yourself creates two states of mind. Both can improve your life whether you achieve your objectives or not.  They are awareness and flexibility. Traction comes into play under the state of mind…

Set Goals and See How It Helps You Create Flexibility in Your Life

When you set goals you create two states of mind that can improve your life, whether you achieve your objectives or not.  These two states of mind are awareness and flexibility.  In my last post, I discussed how you create awareness when you set goals. So, today I’m going to discuss the link between setting…

Success – How You Define It Makes It Yours

The way you define success for yourself has a profound effect on how you spend your time. It gives you a powerful context for the time choices you make. And here’s the thing: the more conscious you are about that context and the messages and values it reflects, the more likely you are to make choices…

Evaluation Power-3 Tips for Using Your Experience to Find Time

Evaluation is a powerful tool that is too often neglected – especially when we are busy and overwhelmed.  Yet that is precisely when we can benefit the most from the power of evaluation. That’s because evaluating where you’ve been enables you to see the successes … and the pitfalls … 

Resolutions 101: When You Slip, Release Failure and Focus on the Fix!

Resolutions are in the air, as 2014 begins its unfolding and we all anticipate making some desired changes in our lives. It’s an exciting time, filled with hopeful energy and new promise.  And for many of us, it’s a time when we re-introduce resolutions that we’ve made 

Looking Back: Readers’ Favorite Tools and Tips for Finding Time

Looking back is always an important part of looking ahead for me, and that’s especially true as I say good-bye to the old and welcome a brand new year! Looking back and seeing what was important to me in 2013 and what I thought would be important but truly wasn’t, helps me plan ahead and shape 

Failure? Reframe It and Revitalize Your Time

Failure.  What do you think of when you hear the word? What do you feel? If failure is a word (and experience) that you avoid at all costs – a word that conjures shame and self-recrimination – then you are actually