From Fear to Courage — Small Steps and Your Inner Lizard

Fear stifles creativity, shuts down new ideas, and just plain stops people in their tracks. When you’re in the grip of fear, courage often feels like a death-defyingly out of reach choice. Some part of you says “danger” and whatever you were contemplating looks like a risk too big to venture — a step too big…

Curiosity – One Simple Tweak to Transform Your Time

Curiosity killed the cat. Remember that saying? Well, I’m stopping in today to take a closer look at that idea- and to encourage you to reconsider it. Curiosity is the opposite of self-criticism – that cloying feeling that traps you and puts a lid on your creativity. Curiosity frees you up — there is nothing 

Reader’s Choice – Priority-Setting, Perfectionism and Other Time Tips

Priority-setting was a subject that many of you were drawn to last month. Did you see this post “Find Time to Set Wise Priorities Using the 3/3/3 Exercise”? Well, it’s got some very timely tips for you – especially as we move into a new month.

Fear is Toxic – Don’t Let it Poison Your Time

Fear. It’s the last thing you need. But how often does it creep into your thinking, distracting and undermining you? On the other hand, don’t you love it when you feel energized, alert and confident? Challenges feel workable, and 

Fear Swallowing Your Time? 3 Tactics to Stop It!

Yesterday I wrote about how fear and anxiety stop you in your tracks, and offered some ways to turn the tables on this common time thief. The reality is that fear doesn’t need to rule you. It doesn’t have the right to  chew up another day, another week, or another month of your valuable time. Indeed,…

Anxiety Antidote – Fight Fear and Find Time

Anxiety is a time thief that nibbles relentlessly at your energy and devours your confidence and your moments. And fears fuel your anxiety – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Step back and think about it for a moment. Don’t you love it when you feel energized, alert and confident? Challenges feel workable,…

Fear Stealing Your Time and Energy? Make 2015 Different!

Fear is so debilitating! It robs you of confidence and creativity while wasting your time and siphoning off your energy into dead-end worries and what-if’s. Fear is also, quite often, unrealistic and unnecessary. It’s all about the stories we learned and the stories we tell ourselves. If scarcity of time or money … or anything…