Find Focus Today — How to Stay on Track and Away from Temptation

When you find focus you find time. It’s actually that simple. But saying it’s simple isn’t the same as saying it’s easy. Life is busy and it’s filled with distractions. Not only that, but it’s also constantly in flux. Here at The Time Finder, we’ve recently written about how your priorities can help you manage…

Find Focus Fast — Right Now!

Finding focus when you’re under stress is challenging – and yet it’s vital to your success. Picture yourself at work with a deadline approaching, your phone ringing, co-workers knocking on your door with questions … can you see it? Focus is what you need to meet your deadline – and focus is exactly what you…

Fitness, Focus, Functionality and Finding Time

Fitness is a worthy goal, and one that is on many people’s minds at this time of year. New Year’s Resolutions having been made, we brave roadways and gyms with our Fitbits, GPS Devices, Smartwatches, and other wearable technology. We feel energized and excited – it’s fun and we’re excited about the progress we’re making!…

Find Focus to Claim Success and Find More Time

Finding focus and maintaining it is a skill that increases your presence and your productivity. Your moments are enhanced when you bring focus to them; and yet this is a quality that is often especially hard to come by in our culture. We are bombarded from every angle with information, news, ideas – all clamoring 

Incremental Time-Scale Your Time Choices to Your Needs

Incremental time is a powerful way to approach your time choices. When it comes to time, one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s where incremental time comes in.  It’s about taking a mindful and flexible view of your tasks and priorities – a view that ultimately frees you 

Flexible Focus from the Finding Time E-zine

Flexible focus is a very helpful concept, and one that builds on yesterday’s article about finding the balance between creativity and discipline, and moving efficiently from one project to another. So, to continue and take a look at flexible focus, I thought I’d share an article from the 

Finding Time and Focus No Matter What: Even Adult ADD Can’t Stop You with These 3 Timely Tips

Finding time is a daily challenge for all of us.  It requires focus and discipline. But what about finding time and focus when Adult ADD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) is part of the mix for you? Well, the good news is that while Adult ADD makes finding time more of a challenge, it doesn’t make it…