How You Find Time: Start by Dispelling 3 Myths About To-Do Lists

When you find time it’s like you found a treasure, right? And then the next question is how will you spend it? If time is money, then to-do lists are the smart budgets that ensure you pay your bills and still have cash left over for that special something. They’re powerful and they’ll work for…

Daylight Saving Time — Are You Ready to Let it Go?

As I write this morning, it is hard to believe that October is gone, November is here, and in the wee hours of this coming Sunday morning, Daylight Saving Time comes to an end. Whether you’re a fan of Daylight Saving Time or not, the change-over is always jarring. It marks a change in your…

Making Your To-Do List Work for You — Try This, It Helps

When you use a To-Do List to find time, you’re using a tried and true time management tool. But too often, we let our to-do lists become overwhelming. Whether you use an online list or prefer paper and pencil, the important thing is to make your list work for you, and not vice versa. In a previous…

IFTTT and Tasker – Adaptable Tools for Finding Time

IFTTT and Tasker are two tools that you can use to create ‘recipes’ that automate on-line tasks. This, in turn, helps you stay organized and on track … and frees up time for other things. My VA has used IFTTT for some regular tasks here at The Time Finder and I’ve written about it in…

De-Cluttering Your Life On-Line in 3 Simple Steps

De-cluttering is an activity that many take up in the early weeks of the New Year. The focus is often on kitchens, dens, bedrooms, basements, garages – the places in and around your house where things accumulate. And there’s lots of good advice out there for organizing drawers and closets, streamlining spaces and  TweetSharePinShare

Find Time to Explore the New Time Finder Site!

I hope you’ll find time today to explore our new site and let us know what you think! We’ve changed quite a lot, so here’s a quick tour. First, as you find time to look around, you’ll notice that our Home page features our popular Finding Time Success 

Techboomers-Tech Tutorials for Boomers Help Find Time!

Techboomers is a handy site that offers step-by-step tutorials for using many of the most popular websites and web tools that are available today. Geared for the non-techie folks