Vacation Time – Timely Tips to Free Yourself for the Fun!

Are you finding time for a vacation this year? I hope so, because no matter how busy or stressed you are, stepping away for some vacation time restores your energy and provides a fresh outlook. And if you’re a busy parent, you know that “vacations” can 

Find Stuff Fast with AstroGrep and Find Time!

AstroGrep is a lightweight and fast-working utility that helps you find things on your computer. Remember that sales copy you wrote awhile ago that was really catchy?  You can’t find it anywhere, and you want to use it in a product launch. Well, this is a situation 

Abundant Time – Live Fully and Claim Your Dreams

Abundant time or scarce time – maybe it’s up to you to decide! While time is concrete and limited – after all, we each have the same 24-hours every day. how you view your time is a choice you make in each moment. So is your time abundant or constricted and limited?

Boundaries-Use Them or Lose Them!

Boundaries are foundational to your success. Whether you’re talking about how you use your time, or how you manage your space, there’s no getting around the fact that boundaries are vital. It’s your boundaries 

Perfectionism – How It Poisons Your Time

Perfectionism is a major challenge for many smart, high-achieving people – and perhaps most especially for successful women. Are you one of them?  Does perfectionism slow you down, skew your 

Find Time to Nourish Yourself with a Summer Meditation

Finding time to look, listen, and touch the moments of our lives can be an elusive goal. But it doesn’t need to be that way. The problem is, we often get so caught up in our lists and tasks and goals, and we forget that there is a world of depth and texture inside that…

Find Time to Go Green With Your Info Products, Too

Finding time is a challenge for everyone. And perhaps this is especially so for solopreneurs.  You’re managing a business, producing products, and interacting with customers. And at the same time you’re striving to live your moments fully and find time for what matters most. So, time management tips can be real life-savers. Go Green… That’s…