Sometimes Low-Tech is the Way to Go. What Do You Choose?

Low-tech isn’t exactly a buzz word in our high-tech world. – do you feel like you have to choose? And do you sometimes feel like the odd-person out? The thing is that when it comes to getting and staying organized, we’re barraged by a steady flow of new technological tools. They are constantly being developed and tweaked.…

Finding Time — A Gift to Give Yourself, Right Here, Right Now

Finding time, whenever you’re able to do it, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. And finding time isn’t something magical, it’s a skill that you develop with practice and patience. So, that means it’s within your reach, no matter what. Maybe you’re dealing with a crisis. Or maybe you have a…

Priorities and Time Boundaries — Stronger Together

Your priorities are key to establishing clear time boundaries. And setting time boundaries is a key life skill to develop for your time success. In recent posts I’ve offered you some clear steps for getting started with boundary-setting. And, as you’ve explored your time boundaries and practiced setting them, I’m guessing that you may have…

In Transitional Times, Start by Putting Your Feet on the Ground

Transitional times throw lots of people off track because they are, by definition, disorienting. Finding time while you are in the midst of change is often very challenging. And this time of year, no matter where you live, is nothing, if not a monumental time of transition. Here in New Hampshire, despite the recent blizzard, we…

HTML Cheat Sheet and Other Resources for Finding Time

HTML elements are the building blocks of so much of what you do on the web. Yet, if you’re not working on web pages every day, HTML code can be difficult to retain and retrieve when you need it. So, very often, you’re left to Google your HTML questions – and sometimes 

3 Go-To Tools – Tech Tips for Finding Time

Do you have go-to tools that you don’t know what you’d do without? I’m checking in today, since it’s Cyber Monday, to share 3 of the tech tools that we use all the time here for streamlining our work and finding time! I’m not the most technological person 

Xendo – Check it Out for Fast Searching (AND Finding Time)

Xendo is a search tool that my VA recently told me about. It allows you to do a quick search across multiple online applications and offers you an organized view of relevant documents, e-mails, contacts, etc. If you’ve ever ‘lost’ a vital document