Find Freedom and Clarity When You Travel Back to Your “Time Roots”

Old messages that we’ve all learned about time often hold us back without our even noticing. So exploring your “time roots” is a powerful path for getting yourself untangled from old messages about time that may be tripping you up. If you’re ready to step into greater clarity and time success, here’s one step to take…

Scarcity Got You Trapped? Free Yourself with 3 Timely Tips

Scarcity, as we noted earlier this week, is a matter of perspective and choice, rather than a description of reality. And as we discovered with the meaning that we ascribe to failure, scarcity limits your perspective in ways that you can absolutely 

Your Stress: Find Freedom With Your Time Choices

Your stress is what drains your energy and keeps you from enjoying your time to its fullest.  When your stress is in charge, you rush through moments, make mistakes, and ultimately lose time as you have to backtrack, redo things, and sometimes apologize for a short temper or frustrated tone. And yet, your stress is…

Time Tips That Were Tops in February for Finding Time

Time tips help you manage your time and find time for what matters most.  And one of the things I love to do is look back and reflect, as one month ends and another begins. So, this morning, join me as I harvest the top time tips on The Time Finder, based on 

Find Time and Find Your Power by Celebrating Your Power of Choice

Finding time to find your power is one of the most gratifying ways you can experience a new sense of freedom! You might think that this would be a massive undertaking. But often, it’s as simple as changing your self-talk and reframing the way you look at your responsibilities. Avoiding these all-too-common verbal traps can…