Productivity App Advice: Lifehacker’s Timely Tips!

Productivity is something that most of us are seeking to maximize, whether we are coaches, entrepreneurs, busy moms, small business owners, or students.  And making the most of the time we have is a goal that can be powerfully aided by the right technological tools. That’s why I always look forward to 

HootSuite Syndicator: Add RSS to Your Dashboard and Find Time

HootSuite has stepped into the vacuum left by the July 1 demise of Google Reader, and here at The Time Finder, we are glad that they did! Many people love RSS feeds for collecting and curating information which they then use in their businesses or personal lives in any 

Top 10 Lists: Tech Tips, Productivity Boosts, and Time-Savers

Top 10 lists offer an excellent opportunity to take advantage of pre-sorted collections of timely tools and tips to find the ones that are likely to work best for you. Top 10:  Looking Back and Looking Ahead As 2012 draws to a close, we look ahead, anticipating 

Find Time with Hojoki for Your Cloud Connections

Finding time to be as productive as possible always involves finding the right tools.  But, there are so many wonderful productivity tools to choose from that sometimes it can be hard to track them all. This is especially true with the proliferation of Cloud applications.  That’s where Hojoki comes in; you can use it to…

Find Time to Check Before You Click with LongURL

Finding time to avoid viruses, malware, phishing sites and other nasty places while exploring the internet is a lot easier if you use LongURL.  The popularity of social networking, with its premium on brevity, has led to a proliferation of URL shorteners like tiny.url,, and lots of others.  The problem with these otherwise useful…