Time Choices that Work – Supporting a Friend in Need

Your ability to make good time choices is going to be challenged when a friend faces a sudden crisis and needs your immediate help. Finding time to nurture friendships is an important investment, and usually the 

Sudden Change and Being Present: 3 Timely Tips

Sudden change is a reality of human life – and it’s a challenge on many different levels. Sometimes the sudden change is something that happens to you, throwing everything up into the air and taking your breath away.  And sometimes it enters a friend’s or colleague’s life, turning 

Find Time to Accept Yourself and Transform Your Time with Empowered Compassion™

Finding Time to accept all of who you are is a gentle, deliberate process that will transform your time and give you a solid base for action.  That’s because being your most productive self, your most empowered self, means being your WHOLE self.  And that’s where Empowered Compassion™ comes in. Like the in-breath that is…