3 Wise Gardening Guidelines — How to Clear Your Clutter

What does gardening have to do with clutter? Well, if you think about it, isn’t your clutter a little like the weeds in your garden? Whether it’s your inbox, your To-Do List, or your kitchen cabinets, clutter can be overwhelming and energy-draining.  And gardening offers some ideas to help you clear your path to success.…

Clearing Clutter is A Lot Like Weeding

Clearing clutter from your life, whether it’s in your space or on your To-Do List, is a sure path to decreasing your stress while increasing your efficiency and effectiveness. Try imagining your life as a garden. How do your flowers and vegetables thrive? Well, for one thing, weeding sure helps, doesn’t it?  Make space for…

Going Deeper: Find Time to Know Yourself and Your Mysteries

How well do you know yourself? Finding time to explore life’s mysteries is something that always enriches us in powerful and unexpected ways.  And you know what? Many of the deepest mysteries are to be found right inside of you. Indeed, among the fundamental mysteries of life, our own hearts and minds can frequently present…

Weed Out Clutter with Wisdom from the Garden

Clutter gets in your way, slows you down, and adds to your stress.  And the thing is, clutter doesn’t clear itself. You have to take action. But the task really doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  In fact, if you make it overwhelming for yourself, you can rest assured that 

Clutter Taking Over? Garden Wisdom to the Rescue!

Clutter, whether it’s littering your closet, your computer, or your calendar is a huge time and energy drain! It adds a layer of confusion and stress to everything in your life and it’s a stumbling block that keeps you from attaining your goals. It keeps you from even SEEING your goals sometimes!

Clutter Cramping Your Style? Start Small and Make Big Changes!

Clutter is something that we all have to deal with from time to time.  Whether it’s in your space, on your To-Do List, or in your mind and heart, clearing out that clutter is one of the surest ways I know of to decrease stress and increase your efficiency and effectiveness. 

Find Time to Let Your Creativity Blossom

Finding time to let your creative spirit develop and come to fruition can be a lot like tending a garden.  At least that’s a useful metaphor for me!  As much as art is a matter of inspiration, it’s also a matter of being steady and doing the preparation work that allows our inspirations to take…