Weed Out Clutter with Wisdom from the Garden

Clutter gets in your way, slows you down, and adds to your stress.  And the thing is, clutter doesn’t clear itself. You have to take action. But the task really doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  In fact, if you make it overwhelming for yourself, you can rest assured that 

Springtime Self-Care: Tending Your Garden of Time

Springtime.  Can you feel it?  The air softens as blossoms burst open and green returns to the once-frozen earth.  Vernal pools are alive with activity as windows are opened and thoughts turn to gardens, cookouts, and outdoor chores and recreation.  (And for our 

Find Time to Be Agile and Embrace Daily Changes

Finding time and knowing when to stick to priorities and when to be agile and hold them loosely, in the midst of daily flux can be a challenge. Last night the clouds rolled in, here in New Hampshire. This morning the skies are gray and a light rain is falling intermittently. What a change from…