Google Plus Twitter Extends Your Reach Big Time!

Google and Twitter can be powerful friends to small business owners and on-line marketers, as any SEO expert will tell you. Combining the two amplifies and extends what they each can do alone. That’s why I’ve been interested to follow the renewed partnership between Google and Twitter – one in which 

Timely Tech Tools and Tips from The Time Finder

Timely tech tools and tips are Cyber Monday staples here at The Time Finder, and today I have a collection of items to share. They range from Google search tricks that can be real time-savers, to some tools for syncing files, to a nifty text editor.  So, let’s start exploring now!

Finding Time for Google Plus – Timely Resources This Cyber Monday

Finding time to connect with friends, family, colleagues, and clients in social networks can be a time-consuming task.  It is also a very important (and powerful) venue for staying in touch. Well, now there is a new ‘player’ in the mix – Google Plus.  Not-so-new, actually, as The Economic Times reported this morning that: Google’s…