Choose Gratitude to Transform Your Time

Gratitude is always a choice that enriches your time and your life – always. It is transformative. Gratitude is grounded solidly in the realities of life. Sometimes those are joyful and sometimes they are hard realities. Coming from a place of gratitude, you take the full measure of your gifts in each 

Gratitude: Feel It and Create a Heart-Based Day!

Gratitude is a very powerful attitude.  It has no equal as a vehicle for transforming your time and perspective … and opening your heart!  And Valentine’s Day is a perfect day for reflecting on heart-based living. In the past I’ve

Find Time to Recover: 3 Keys for Healing and Resilience

Finding time to recover, whether from an illness or a life event that has thrown you off track is key to your resilience. And what is resilience? Well, the definition, according to Merriam-Webster (on-line version) is: 1: the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive…

Find Time Today – Let Go of Self-Limiting Scarcity and Claim Your True Inner Abundance!

Scarcity is a huge energy drain. And finding time when you are so busy that you feel like you can’t squeeze in one more thing is a big, daily challenge for many of us.  I am guessing that you probably know THAT feeling very well! The reality is that time is concrete and unchanging.  We…