Gratitude and You – The Transformative Power of Thankfulness

Gratitude is in the air. As Thanksgiving approaches, those of us who live in the United States prepare to celebrate what we are grateful for. For many it’s a day of reflection, of family gatherings, and of thankfulness. But why do we reflect and appreciate in this way just once a year? I wonder about this…

Dealing with Misfortunes, Whether They’re Big or Small

Misfortunes pull us up short when we least expect it. This is disorienting and disturbing. It reminds us that life is unpredictable at its core … and it can certainly be a challenge sometimes. Maybe it’s something really big that comes along and knocks you off track. Or maybe it’s everyday glitches and annoyances that…

Choose Gratitude to Transform Your Time

Gratitude is always a choice that enriches your time and your life – always. It is transformative. Gratitude is grounded solidly in the realities of life. Sometimes those are joyful and sometimes they are hard realities. Coming from a place of gratitude, you take the full measure of your gifts in each 

Boost Your Energy with Gratitude and Accomplishment Lists

You boost your energy and transform your time when you focus on the positives in your life.  You’ll be amazed at the impact it has, not only on your perspective but also on your energy, efficiency, effectiveness, and your day-to-day productivity. So, how do you go about accomplishing 

Anger Snagged You? How to Transform Its Energy and Find More Time!

Anger is a very challenging feeling for many of us – one that eats up more time than we may like to admit. Our most recent Finding Time E-zine focused on anger with an article titled “How to Create Positive Energy Out of Dirty Anger” – and the article 

Gratitude’s Power to Transform Time

Gratitude’s power is a key element in your time management repertoire. This was illustrated for me most keenly late last month when I heard an interview with Amanda Lindhout, a young woman who’d survived 460 days 

Small Steps Spell Big Changes for You and Your Time!

Small steps get you from where you are to where you’d like to be.  And there’s really no other way to get there. But so very often, we are impatient, want change to come more quickly, and aren’t satisfied with small steps.  And that’s when we trip ourselves