Productivity Secret: Don’t Break the Chains!

Chains … really?  What do they have to do with productivity? Everything, actually. Chains are as fundamental to us as our DNA. And as tools for maintaining productivity and establishing helpful new habits, they can’t be beat. 

Goals and Values: Sync Them to Power Up Your Time

Goals and Values:  When you have them in sync, the sky is the limit.  But when they are out of sync, you’re likely to find yourself mired in confusion and procrastination. This recent post on The Happiness Project takes a quick look at Decoy Habits – and speaks to 

Time Choices: Science Helps You Find More Time!

Time choices are the building blocks of each and every day.  From the smallest to the largest, your time choices define your experience of your time … and of your life. Yet, how often are these choices made unconsciously – based on old scripts or old habits?  How often are your productive time choices lost…

Preparation Pays Off: 3 Tips to Save Time!

Preparation is a time management skill that enhances your flexibility – especially when something unexpected comes up.  The more prepared you are ahead of time, the more you can focus effectively and efficiently in each moment. And yet, preparation may not be an activity that you think you have time for. This is especially the…

Habits: Let Go of the Ones that Waste Your Time!

Habits can be helpful, and they can keep you stuck. Keeping that fact in mind, an excellent time management skill is sorting out the time habits that help (they’re the ones you want to keep) and those that don’t.  These are the ones you want to let go of. 

Find Time This Spring to Let Go and Make Changes

Finding time to make the changes that you value in your life is always going to involve letting go.  You let go of something old and replace it with something new. In many ways, it’s just that simple.  However, letting go is a layered and sometimes quite challenging process.  As we discussed yesterday, even seeing…

Find Time for Some Expanded Spring Cleaning!

Finding time to make the most of your moments sometimes means letting go of the old, to let in the new – spring cleaning for your mind, if you will! “You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.” Louise Smith The weather here in New Hampshire has been…