Holiday Hacks to Help You Savor Your Time

These tried and true holiday hacks from Lifehacker help you get things done. Then you can be more present in the life you’re living. Savor your time and it stretches. It’s true. That’s because while time itself is concrete and unchanging, our experience of it is highly subjective. So, when you savor a moment —…

Self-Care Choices and the Holidays — It Just Takes 30 Seconds

Your experience of each moment, and of your life, is determined by your time choices. And this may be most true in relation to your self-care choices.  And I don’t just mean the big choices. It’s right down to the smallest self-care choices you make. So, that’s a very powerful fact to assimilate: The choices you…

Your Time Choices and Your Holiday Time — De-Stress Yourself

Holiday times are certainly busy times. And I don’t know about you, but does time feel like time accelerates during the holiday season? I know it’s not concretely true, but it certainly can feel like the time seems to fly from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the December holidays. While, factually speaking, there are 24-hours in every day…

Holiday Stress: Let it Go with These 7 Timely Tips

Holiday stress can not only affect how you experience your moments in the coming weeks – it can also profoundly affect your health, your relationships – many of the most fundamental aspects of your life. That’s why it’s so vital to manage holiday 

Exercise Time and the Holidays: Trim Pounds While You Enjoy the Trimmings!

Finding exercise time is challenging in the midst of holiday celebrations. But whatever holidays you celebrate, you needn’t let go of your healthy habits. In fact, you can celebrate and have fun while maintaining the activities that sustain you.

Your Power Sanctuary for the Holidays – Timely Tips

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of self care – and how creating your own personal power sanctuary gives you the space you need – when you need it – to recharge your batteries and greet your moments with your fullest self. So, today I’d like to share just a few timely 

Your Power Sanctuary – Create One Today to Recharge for the Holidays

Your power sanctuary is a place you go to recharge your batteries so you can bring your best self to your moments.  Sometimes it seems like we treat our iPads and cell phones better than we treat ourselves. And that’s often especially true during busy times like the holidays.