Social Networking Eating Your Time? These 2 Tools Help.

Social networking is a big piece of the time management puzzle for many of us.  That’s because it’s so easy for social networking to eat up more time than intended, Today, for bloggers, web-based entrepreneurs, and people just staying in touch with friends and family, social networking is a big consumer of time. This is partly because it…

Is Google+ a Fit for You and Your Time?

Here’s an admission. Google+ and I have never really hit it off. Here at The Time Finder we were originally intrigued with the idea of Google+ and it certainly didn’t hurt that it was part of the powerful array of apps, tools and 

Finding Time with Our 7 Favorite Time-Saving Tools

Finding time is easier when you have time tools at hand that work well.  And one of the challenges, when it comes to finding time, is finding and using the most efficient and effective tools for YOU. Note the emphasis.  Finding time isn’t necessarily about finding the newest, best or brightest 

Tech Tools are Tops: July’s Favorites for Finding Time

Tech tools are nearly always of interest, if you’re someone who spends time online.  So it’s not surprising that tech tools and tips topped the list of readers’ favorite Time Finder blog posts this past month.  Ready for the specifics?  (Just click the links in the titles to read on …) 

HootSuite Syndicator: Add RSS to Your Dashboard and Find Time

HootSuite has stepped into the vacuum left by the July 1 demise of Google Reader, and here at The Time Finder, we are glad that they did! Many people love RSS feeds for collecting and curating information which they then use in their businesses or personal lives in any 

Find Time To Learn That the Best Isn't Always What You Need!

Finding time to be the best that you can be, and give yourself the best tools to get you there is a worthy goal for each of us. However, as many of us may have learned the hard way, striving for excellence is not the same as striving for perfection. This holds true in many…

Find Time for Twitter AND Everything Else!

Finding time to use and manage all of the social-networking tools available to us can be a major challenge.  This is true whether your interest in social networking is to keep in touch with friends and family … or is to expand and deepen your connections in the on-line community. This Cyber Monday I would…