IFTTT Keeps Adding Channels, and the Productivity Hacks Keep Coming

IFTTT. It stands for If This Then That. But what is it? Have you heard of it? Do you use it? Here are the basics: If This Then That is a productivity tool that allows you to automate all sorts of tasks. It uses basic logic (If This Then That) to link tech tools that…

IFTTT Introduces Applets for More Flexibility and for Finding Time

If you use IFTTT (If This Then That) you may be aware of their recent upgrade. And if not, here’s a quick update from their website. It outlines the biggest change that’s been made, to date, in this time and productivity tool. As well, it offers practical details about ways you’ll be able to make…

IFTTT and Tasker – Adaptable Tools for Finding Time

IFTTT and Tasker are two tools that you can use to create ‘recipes’ that automate on-line tasks. This, in turn, helps you stay organized and on track … and frees up time for other things. My VA has used IFTTT for some regular tasks here at The Time Finder and I’ve written about it in…

Tech Tips to Enhance Security, Pump Up Productivity and Find Time!

Tech tips always come in handy in our increasingly web-based and info-saturated world. The better you are able to manage your on-line time and activities, the more efficient and effective you’ll be – both at getting things done and at finding time for what matters most!

Looking Back: Readers’ Favorite Tools and Tips for Finding Time

Looking back is always an important part of looking ahead for me, and that’s especially true as I say good-bye to the old and welcome a brand new year! Looking back and seeing what was important to me in 2013 and what I thought would be important but truly wasn’t, helps me plan ahead and shape 

Tech Tools are Tops: July’s Favorites for Finding Time

Tech tools are nearly always of interest, if you’re someone who spends time online.  So it’s not surprising that tech tools and tips topped the list of readers’ favorite Time Finder blog posts this past month.  Ready for the specifics?  (Just click the links in the titles to read on …) 

IFTTT: Fast, Flexible, Friendly Recipes for Finding Time!

IFTTT is a service that lets you use logic to create ‘recipes’ for getting things done. IFTTT allows you to link together different tools and applications to amplify their power.