5 Free Tools to Increase Productivity and Find Time

Free tools are always welcome, especially when you’re on-line and on a budget. So I’m pleased to share 5 free tools that we like and use a lot, here at The Time Finder. We’ve found them to be very helpful for generating ideas, connecting on social media, and keeping track of how we’re doing. Let’s…

Photos for Free – Sites to Find Photos and Find Time!

Photos and images are so important when it comes to engagement, visibility, and just plain eye-catching content on the web (or anywhere, for that matter). But good photos are hard to come by, especially if you’re on a tight budget. That’s why I was very pleased to come upon a recent post on designskilz offering a large 

Jing Creates Screen Prints in Seconds and Saves You Time!

Jing is a time-saving tool that I learned about on Denise Wakeman’s website – and wanted to share, as it’s so useful if using screen prints is a part of your everyday work. 

Facebook News Feed Changes: Timely Tips

Facebook is implementing changes to its News Feed, and finding time to be up to speed on what’s coming is a good idea if Facebook is part of any on-line marketing that you do.  (And if Facebook isn’t part of your marketing strategy, now is

Find Time with Zamzar and Evernote Clearly on Cyber Monday

Finding time to streamline your on-line work is often a great way to save small bits of time that can really add up over the long term.  Every tool isn’t going to appeal to everyone – and indeed, there are so many applications an on-line tools ‘out there’ that it can be overwhelming.  That’s why…

Find Time for Your Feelings-When You Name Them You Claim Your Power!

Ready to claim your power? Well, finding time for your feelings is a key stepping stone in the heart-based path to your time success. Last week, when I introduced this topic, I quoted Brian Tracy, who said: Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the…

Find Time by Optimizing Your WordPress Blog

Finding time to keep your blog running at peak performance may not be your top priority.  You’re probably more focused on writing great posts and responding to comments left by your readers. But making sure that your blog is working properly and loading as quickly as possible as important as your content, in many ways.…