Finding Time by Tweaking Your Gmail Inbox with Signal

Your Gmail Inbox, if you’re a Gmail user, is a rich repository of information. But it isn’t always easy to tell what’s what.  Yes, there is a search feature, but what if you just want to quickly scan for that e-mail you received from your colleague in Prague?  You know, the one 

Gmail and You: Tips to Deal with Your E-mail and Save Time!

Gmail, as you are probably aware, has made some big changes in how your inbox functions.  If you haven’t received numerous e-mails about this over the past several weeks, I’d be very surprised. So, what is everyone upset about?  Well, I think what’s most disturbing to people about

Gmail Update: Your Personal Primer to Save Time

Gmail is changing (again).  In case you hadn’t seen any of the announcements, Gmail is rolling out changes to its inbox, creating a tabbed interface that will sort your messages into predetermined categories. Changes to something as vital and as 

Time-Saving Tech Tools This Cyber Monday to Find Time

Time-saving tech tools streamline your on-line work.  The trick is to find the ones that suit your work style, and then use them enough that they become part of your flow. It’s important, too, to not get so caught up in using the latest and greatest time-saving tool that you are constantly tweaking and 

Find Time to Take Charge of Your E-mail (So That It Doesn't Take Charge of You)!

Finding time to manage the volume of e-mail that we receive here at The Time Finder can feel like a full-time job some days.  I am sure that many of you can relate to that feeling.  (In fact, I recently had an e-mail from a member of the Finding Time Community, which has prompted this…

Find Time for Finding Fresh Blog Content – 5 Tips on Cyber Monday

Finding time to keep your blog running smoothly is worth the investment, as we learned last week.  This Cyber Monday I’d like to explore some ways to assure that your content is always timely and interesting! If you want visitors to return to your blog often, it’s well worth taking the time to offer information…

Find Time to Create a Nurturing Environment

Finding time for self-care can receive a big boost when your environment is geared to nurture and sustain you.  In The Finding Time E-zine we recently explored ways to create nurturing spaces for yourself – and the very significant impact that this has on your life!  (For more articles like this, sent straight to your…