Fitbit Fun: Self-Care, Your Energy, and Your Time

If you haven’t yet encountered a Fitbit, let me introduce you! Or better yet, let me have David Sedaris introduce you (this is taken from his recent, very entertaining piece titled “Living the Fitbit Life” in The New Yorker):

Clutter and You: Changing How Your Stuff Impacts You, Your Space, and Your Time!

Clutter.  What does that word conjure for you?  How does your energy shift when you hear it? For many, clutter is a chronic challenge – and its causes, as well as its impact goes far beyond mere ‘messiness.’ I recently read an excellent blog post by Mikael Cho titled “How clutter affects you and what you can…

Boundary Setting Creates the Space You Need – Inside and Outside – to Find More Time!

Boundary setting is a skill that is vital, not only to your time management success but for living your life to its fullest.  It empowers us to shape our moments and sharpen our focus. We use boundaries to delineate what we let in and what we let out.  When you need to really