Positive Self-Talk is a Powerful Time-Saver

Positive self-talk is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself — ever. And the good news is that positive self-talk is a gift you can give over and over – as often as you like. When it comes to boosting energy and confidence, there’s nothing better.  But have you ever thought about…

12 Day Secret-How to Use One Timely Tip to Make Every Moment Shine!

The 12 Day Secret is all about time and self-care and really assimilating, right down to your toes, that the way to live your moments fully is to be your own very best friend! So, taking the theme of the 12 Days of Christmas, I’ve created the 12 Day Secret!  It’s a secret that 

Transitions Don’t Have to Be Scary: Claim Your Choices and Your Power!

In yesterday’s post we wrote about navigating transitions and staying in your power as you do so. Remember? Your power lies in your ability to make choices (not in your ability to control things … which is, in fact, an impossibility). 

Finding Time for Self Care: Do You Know What You Need?

Time management skills are powerful keys to productivity; and one of the basic elements in optimizing your efficiency and effectiveness is self care. It can be a challenge, especially when you are very busy, to slow down and take care of yourself.  But when you invest in self care, the pay-off is big!  (Conversely,

Find Time to Nourish Your Way Through Your Transitions

Springtime is a time of transition, and finding time to support yourself as you go through your life transitions is a time management skill that is key to maintaining your energy, productivity, and perspective … no matter what!  The reality is that your schedule is already busy with relationships, work, and the logistics of daily…