Is Getting to Sleep a Problem? How to Let Go of Worry and Stress

I had trouble getting to sleep last night.  Does that ever happen to you?  Is it a challenge, sometimes, to set aside the day and settle yourself into your night’s rest? You’re not alone — it can be difficult for many people these days. And one of the thorniest problems, when it comes to insomnia,…

Sleep Giving You the Run-Around? Well, Here’s What Helps…

Sleep is like water. Without it, you can’t sustain life for very long. And yet sleep is elusive for lots of us. Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep. We’ve had to have our faithful, 30-year old furnace replaced. That’s disrupted just about everything. Between the noise, the smells, and things being topsy-turvy,…

Lists and Timely Tips-Top Time Tools in November!

Lists and timely tips filled Time Finder subscribers’ in-boxes during the month of November.  And, needless to say, these helpful time tools become even more important as the holiday season gets into full gear and life gets busier and busier. Indeed, even Santa is known to make a list 

Meditation Helps You Sleep and Energize Your Holiday Time

Meditation is a practice that is portable, profound, and powerful.  It improves and deepens your life in all sorts of ways, ranging from the spiritual to the physical. Today I want to share about how you can improve your sleep – and therefore boost your 

Sleep, Your Energy, Your Productivity and Your Time!

Your sleep is so important!  And yet, when it comes to self-care and time management, sleep time is often what we sacrifice to get just-one-more-thing done. While that “one-more-thing” may seem very important in the moment, when it sets

De-Cluttering, Time Tracking and Other Top Time Tips!

De-cluttering was tops on the list of Time Finder favorites for January 2013.  I envision lots of closets and to-do lists getting cleared, as readers visited a long-time favorite post titled “Find Time to Reclaim Your Energy by De-Cluttering!”

Sleep Time Soothes and Refreshes: Use Affirmations to Get the Rest You Need

Sleep time is such an important part of each and every day.  It nourishes and sustains our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Yet, our sleep time is often squeezed by