Taking Charge of Your Time — How to Untangle Yourself from the Web

Taking charge of your time has everything to do with setting and maintaining boundaries. Sometimes those boundaries are with other people, and sometimes they are with yourself. And boundaries, when they work best, are unique to you and your situation. What serves you in your life? What helps you create balance and achieve your personal…

Disconnect, Breathe Deeply, and Let Go of Stress, One Moment at a Time

Disconnect? Why? Well, the internet can be a big contributor to our stress. Whether it’s your inbox or 24/7 news, do you sometimes feel inundated? Letting go of stress by consciously choosing to spend time away from the web may be a challenging step to take. But when it comes to reducing your stress level…

Social Networking Eating Your Time? These 2 Tools Help.

Social networking is a big piece of the time management puzzle for many of us.  That’s because it’s so easy for social networking to eat up more time than intended, Today, for bloggers, web-based entrepreneurs, and people just staying in touch with friends and family, social networking is a big consumer of time. This is partly because it…

Browser and Web Safety-A Timely Tool

Browser and web safety are important considerations if you are an internet-based business – or really if you are any user of the internet. You can lose untold amounts of time when malware, spyware, adware, or other malicious agents like viruses and trojans, invade your computer –

The Internet, Your Brain, and Your Time – Should You Worry?

The internet, some people (like Jonathan Franzen) believe, is ruining us. In particular, Franzen cites Jeff Bezos, Amazon and the rise of self-publishing and e-books as a dire threat to the ‘serious writer’ – an august group which, presumably, includes himself but excludes 

Disconnect.me: Privacy and Speed to Save Online Time

Disconnect.me is a Chrome extension that my VA read about this weekend and thought might be helpful to share with readers here. I took a look and agreed, so here’s a little information about Disconnect.me – and you can read a full review on Mashable, if you’d like.

5 Timely Tips to Speed Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a powerful and popular blogging platform for good reason.  But sometimes, as happened with The Time Finder recently, you may notice that your blog is loading slowly. This is a significant problem, because the internet is a fast-moving environment.  Your blog may