FitNotes Free Exercise App – Find Time to Track Your Fitness Routine

FitNotes is a free exercise app for your Android or iPhone. Have you heard of it? It was suggested to us by a reader in response to our post titled Exercise Apps – Here are Two Top Contenders to Help with Your Workout. FitNotes has been around for a number of years now, and it’s a…

Podcasts: Finding Time to Find What You Want to Hear

Podcasts are a popular and flexible venue for accessing information on a wide variety of topics. Whether you’re driving to work, exercising, or flying to France, your podcasts can be at your fingertips. But sometimes the sheer variety and volume of what’s available can be daunting. So, today I want to share a couple of…

Tech Tips to Help You Find Information and Find Time

Tech tips are what we usually focus on each Monday at The Time Finder. So this week I’ve got a few items to share, from free Windows e-books to some important information about the latest WikiLeaks revelation and its possible implications for you. Shall we get right to it?

Google Alarms, Reminders and More from Desktop to Android

Google has recently added some features that allow you to send reminders and notes, set alarms, and send directions from your desktop PC to your android phone from the Google Search box. More and more people are using their phones as their go-to devices for mobile efficiency. You can keep up with news, e-mail, the…

30 Second Habit App Boosts Memory, Productivity and Time!

Remember the 30 Second Habit? It’s a very helpful productivity idea that we wrote about some months ago on The Time Finder. The basic idea of the 30 Second Habit is to take 30 seconds immediately after an experience to extract and record its most important element(s). This can be a challenging discipline to master.  Timeliness…

Gmail – 2 Tools for Finding Time

Gmail, as you no doubt know, is a very widely used e-mail platform.  One of its big pluses is just that – it’s everywhere! And whether you’re on your PC in your office, your laptop on vacation, or your iPhone or Android on a plane, your Gmail account is accessible. 

Fitness and You-Apps for Tracking Your Efforts in 2014

Fitness often tops lists of New Year’s resolutions; and fitness efforts also often fall to the wayside fairly quickly as the New Year unfolds. We’ll be writing more about that soon, but for now, since it’s time for our weekly Cyber Monday tech post, I thought I’d share a few fitness apps