Time-Saving, SEO-Boosting WordPress Plugins for 2013

Time-saving tips are a great way to start any week, and this Cyber Monday on The Time Finder, we are focusing on some plugins to boost the effectiveness of your WordPress blog. You may notice some changes to our sidebar, as you navigate 

SEO Today: Find Time to Optimize in Penguin's Eyes!

Finding time to optimize your website so that Google likes it is a challenge that many on-line entrepreneurs and SEO experts are wrestling with these days.  The good news, based on everything I’ve read, is that if you are sharing valuable content and not trying to ‘game’ the system, you are probably

Find Time for This SEO Meta Keywords Tip

Finding time to optimize your web pages for Search Engines (SEO or Search Engine Optimization) is time well spent.  It can be a bit like trying to hit a moving target at times.  That’s because search engines are known to change how they work (as Google did not too long ago) to the great consternation of…

Find Time for The Best WordPress Plugins on Cyber Monday

Finding time to make the most of your WordPress Blog or site is always time well spent.  One of the best ways to enhance your WordPress installation is to use the best WordPress plugins available. A quick Google search for, say, “Top WordPress Plugins” will land you a list of possibilities.  Then scan the list…