Aging and You: Appreciate Your Journey with 5 Timely Tips

Aging is a process that we are all engaged in from the moment of our birth. As we move through our developmental stages, we see our aging through a variety of perspectives.  In youth, we are often eager to accumulate years.  But as we get older that changes and we wish that

Aging: Find Time to Appreciate the Process with 5 Timely Tips

Aging.  What images come to mind when you hear that word?  Do you embrace it?  Try to deny it? How does the idea of aging fit into your world? Having just celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been reflecting on aging:  my own, and the aging process in general.

Find Time to Factor in the Changes as You Age

Finding time to manage the changes we all experience as we navigate the developmental stages of living involves a constant process of recognition and adjustment as we age.  It’s a process that brings great rewards, because it keeps us in sync with ourselves; and it can be particularly important as we move into middle age…

Find Time to Let Reflection Points Refresh You Throughout Your Holiday Journey

Finding time to keep yourself present, energetic, and refreshed over the span of the holiday season can be a big challenge.  There’s so much to do, finding YOU time often gets lost in the shuffle.  That’s why I propose that you give yourself the gift of Reflection Points throughout your day, each and every day.…

Finding Time to Celebrate and Look Back with Appreciation!

Finding time to celebrate anniversaries, accomplishments, and milestones is one way that we find time for what matters most in our lives! The graduation season that many just celebrated is a great example. Rituals and celebrations… These rituals reinforce our values and give us an opportunity to feel our growth. They also allow us to…