Your Heart-Based Success is Always Right in Your Hands

What does your heart-based success look like?  And how do you realize it? Well, your heart-based success is, in one sense, quite simple. It means moving from where you are to where you want to be. I like this definition because it emphasizes the fact that your heart-based success is a journey. And it’s a…

Each Day is a Journey, So Bring What You Need

Giving yourself what you need is probably the most powerful productivity tool there is.  A core self-care skill. it makes everything possible. And yet for lots of us, this is something that constantly falls to the bottom of the list. So, I think this helps you see how important this skill is: Think of each…

Creativity and Vision – Timely Inspiration from The Time Finder

Creativity is the coinage of the realm for artists, innovators and entrepreneurs. How does the creative process work for you? Is it something you easily tap into, or does it feel elusive? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as I get ready to launch a new 

Our Values Ourselves – Connect to Your Core Values and Soar!

“Without values, there is confusion and chaos.” Deepak Chopra How well do you know yourself? How do your daily life and the way you use your time reflect your values? Your personal 

Unpacking Your Travel Lessons to Find Time

You probably have a list to help you pack for your trips, but what about when you’re unpacking? How do you organize that part of your trip?  Or do you even think about being organized at that point? My VA traveled to Ireland recently, and when we talked about it, I encouraged her to do her 

Reflection, De-Cluttering and Energy – Favorites for Finding Time

Reflection is a practice that deepens and expands your experience of time. And reflection, at the start of a New Year, is an excellent way to pause and appreciate the year past as you transition to the coming year. So it isn’t surprising that Time Finder readers were drawn to our post titled Reflection on the Past…

Energy, Pace and Productivity: Flexibility Helps You Find Time

Flexibility is a key component in your time finding tool box. Self-awareness, coupled with flexibility allows you to pace yourself and boost your productivity in response to your needs, circumstances, and energy levels.