Gratitude’s Power to Transform Time

Gratitude’s power is a key element in your time management repertoire. This was illustrated for me most keenly late last month when I heard an interview with Amanda Lindhout, a young woman who’d survived 460 days 

Heart-Based Time Management Tools: YOU are the Key to Finding Time!

Heart-based time management tools offer a practical and proven path to time success.  And here’s the secret about these tools:  they work from the inside out, not the other way around. Many time management systems offer tips and tricks to help you squeeze the most out of

Celebrating Milestones Energizes You and Deepens Your Experience of Time

Celebrating milestones is an excellent way to mark goals achieved, plans fulfilled, and promises kept.  But that’s not all.  Celebrating milestones also replenishes your stores of energy and heightens your sense of the meaning and the preciousness of time.  Here’s an example: 

Goal-Setting to Stay Flexible and Find Time!

Goal-setting.  What do you think of when you hear those words?  Is goal-setting something that you find to be a useful tool in your daily life?  Does it scare you? Pay attention to how your body 

Finding Time to Dance with Change: Coordinate Your Intuition with Your Calendar

Finding time in periods of change and transition requires reestablishing balance.  This is a skill that you can develop and hone for yourself.  As you bring more intentionality to the process of managing change, what might start as a stagger can evolve into a dance! Earlier this month I wrote about Finding Time to Dance Through…

Find Time to Accept Yourself and Transform Your Time with Empowered Compassion™

Finding Time to accept all of who you are is a gentle, deliberate process that will transform your time and give you a solid base for action.  That’s because being your most productive self, your most empowered self, means being your WHOLE self.  And that’s where Empowered Compassion™ comes in. Like the in-breath that is…

Find Time to Bring Along What You Need for Each Day’s Journey

Finding time to give yourself what you need is probably the most powerful productivity tool there is.  It is what makes everything possible; and yet, for many, this is the item that constantly falls to the bottom of the list. So, maybe it will help if you think of your day as a journey. Picture…