Transitions and You – How is Your Transition Vision?

As promised in my previous post, here’s your exercise for checking your transition vision. This exercise gives you a leg up, when it comes to navigating through changes. Each transition is different, but knowing how you approach them makes your transitions much more manageable. And here’s something important to keep in mind: transitions are opportunities,…

Stages of Change and Your Time Choices

Have you heard of the 6 stages of change? Change is one of the constants in our lives – and we often tend to balk at changes. So that’s where the idea of stages of change becomes really helpful! In 1997 psychology professor James Prochaska created a very 

Aging: Owning Your Journey with Some Timely Tips

Aging is an incremental and profound process that we all experience. And yet, it’s also a process that we tend to be in denial about.  In denial, that is, until some change makes our aging undeniable! But being proactive about accepting and adapting to our aging makes each day easier and more 

Aging: Find Time to Appreciate the Process with 5 Timely Tips

Aging.  What images come to mind when you hear that word?  Do you embrace it?  Try to deny it? How does the idea of aging fit into your world? Having just celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been reflecting on aging:  my own, and the aging process in general.

Find Time to Appreciate the Experience of Aging

Finding time to appreciate the experience of aging can be a challenge, but it’s certainly one well worth taking on.  As the month of August is my birth-month, and I contemplate turning another year older, I find my thoughts turning to the experience of aging and how it has required letting go, as well as…