Time Tips That Were Tops in February for Finding Time

Time tips help you manage your time and find time for what matters most.  And one of the things I love to do is look back and reflect, as one month ends and another begins. So, this morning, join me as I harvest the top time tips on The Time Finder, based on 

Perfectionism Trap: Free Yourself with 2 More Timely Tips!

Perfectionism is a major time trap for many … but the good news is that none of us need to stay stuck in that trap!  Time management tips are really paths to freedom, and last week we shared one tip to help with your perfectionism. As you move away from perfectionism and toward 

Find Time to Clarify Your Time Priorities by Clarifying What You Value

On her blog Money, Meaning and Beyond, Andrea J. Lee has a regular feature titled “A Course About People | 5 Little Things You Want To Know” where she posts snippets of wisdom from Thomas Leonard, founder of Coachville, and often known as the father of life coaching. This gem caught my eye yesterday: “People…