Looking Ahead, Looking Back, Moving Forward into a New Month

Looking ahead as you move into a new month is a process that is always deepened when looking back is also one of the steps in the journey. You see, it’s not a linear process, our learning and growing. Unpredictable and sometimes messy, it involves lots of experiences, a good measure of mistakes, and plenty…

Looking Back at Time Finder Favorites

Looking back is always the first thing to do in preparation for moving ahead. Why? Well, it honors the past, for one thing. And it always gives you information that informs your next steps. So looking back is actually about the future as much as it is about the past. It’s a forward-thinking activity that…

Looking Back, Learning and Finding Time

Looking back as you get ready to move ahead is an excellent way to learn from mistakes, consolidate gains and find time. That’s because time spent looking back allows you to review what worked and what kinds of time choices were most useful to you. This enables you to carry your best choices 

Looking Back While Moving Ahead on The Time Finder

Looking back is something that we always do while we move into a new month here at The Time Finder. As a process for grounding yourself and assimilating the lessons of the past so that they can be used in your present and your future, looking back is a helpful practice to incorporate into 

Evaluation Power-3 Tips for Using Your Experience to Find Time

Evaluation is a powerful tool that is too often neglected – especially when we are busy and overwhelmed.  Yet that is precisely when we can benefit the most from the power of evaluation. That’s because evaluating where you’ve been enables you to see the successes … and the pitfalls … 

Looking Back: Readers’ Favorite Tools and Tips for Finding Time

Looking back is always an important part of looking ahead for me, and that’s especially true as I say good-bye to the old and welcome a brand new year! Looking back and seeing what was important to me in 2013 and what I thought would be important but truly wasn’t, helps me plan ahead and shape 

Reflection Time on Day 12 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #UBC

Reflection time is vital to your success, whether you’re a blogger, a parent, a small business owner, a student … you name it. Whatever your passions and priorities may be, pausing to reflect gives you a chance to put your feet on the ground, reconnect with yourself, and