Transitions: Navigate Them Skillfully with 5 Timely Tips!

Transitions are happening all the time.  They can be disruptive, as any change will be; and usually they are not linear.  As with seasonal transitions, a sudden frost can send springtime back toward winter … or a thaw can make us feel like warmth has arrived when we’re still 

Transitions: Open to Them and Find Time!

Transitions begin by ending the old. Losses and gains are intertwined, as you navigate transitions. One season reluctantly lets go, while the next takes hold. Transitions require that you move forward in the face of uncertainty. 

Finding Time by Moving Through Transitions Skillfully

Transitions can be very challenging to navigate. Yesterday I wrote about one key skill for negotiating transitional times – recognizing the transition. More skills for moving through transitions… A second skill involves seeing that every transition involves losses and gains. Whether the transition is one that you welcome or one that you do not, it’s important…

Finding Time While You Are Going Through a Transition

Finding time while you are in the midst of change can be a great challenge. And this time of year is nothing, if not a time of transition! Special skills for transitional times. Whether the change is as significant as starting a new school year or a new job, or something much smaller like shifting…

Finding Time to Get Back to School

Finding time to make transitions in a planful way isn’t always possible.  But some transitions are predictable.  If you take the time to plan for them, you’ll be all the better for it. Back to school.A great example of this is the back to school transition.  Nicole Humphrey has written an article titled Quick Tips…